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Satsuki matsumae
Satsuki Matsumae
Satsuki Matsumae
Satsuki Matsumae [Hansaku Iroha] ...
Satsuki Matsumae
Satsuki Matsumae
Satsuki decides not to inform Sui that she has a child. Ayato notes that 'Ohana' is Hawaiian for 'family'. I don't get the Lilo and Stitch reference, ...
Some might consider the scenes with Satsuki and Sui to be heavy on spoilers. I don't believe in spoilers, and I will note that their relation is very ...
Satsuki Matsumae 松前 皐月 Image of Satsuki Matsumae
Satsuki Matsumae
Matsumae Satsuki ...
This group now makes up the adults in Ohana's life: her stern grandma, Sui, her defiant mom, Satsuki, and her scatterbrain uncle (Satsuki's brother), ...
Discover ideas about Tenth Anniversary. Satsuki Shijima ( Matsumae ) ...
Matsumae Satsuki @ Hanasuku Iroha
Matsumae Satsuki download Matsumae Satsuki image
It's a thirty-image review to the end of this article. The movie is actually composed in a similar fashion as was the K-On! movie, being set between two ...
She even stole his allowance money!
Matsumae Satsuki
ESC to close 2 (by 1 users)Matsumae Satsuki 松前皐月
Love confessions can either be embarrassing or tender depending on the context. Here, it happens to be the former.
Satsuki Matsumae
Satsuki resolves to live life to the fullest at the movie's end and have fun, but life's too short for just having fun. The movie's ending is rather open, ...
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Ohana Matsumae
A dictatorship.
Satsuki Matsumae from the movie of “Hanasaku Iroha: Home Sweet Home” [anime caps, anime girls]
Matsumae Satsuki
Satsuki Matsumae photo
Satsuki Matsumae
Enishi Shijima
Satsuki Matsumae, Sui Shijima, Ohana Matsumae, three generations female @ Hanasaku Iroha
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I Was Quite a Looker: According to several older customers in Episode 6. And in flashbacks in Episode 21, ...
The Colors Of The Blooming · download Hanasaku Iroha image
Matsumae Satsuki
Ohana Matsumae 36 hits
Hanasaku Iroha 01 Satsuki Mom
This anime was able to make Slice of Life genre proud. Why? Because it have something so remarkable in it that you rarely find or possible to discover in ...
Ohana Matsumae pretty much has her life figured out. She's the responsible one in her family, her mother Satsuki is the irresponsible one, and she's learned ...
Matsumae Satsuki
He's a photographer staying at the inn who takes an interest (some might say a bit too much) in Satsuki as a model.
Hanasaku Iroha - Blossoms for Tomorrow
Satsuki Matsumae - Hanasaku Iroha by Stberrylove
Hanasaku Iroha
... younger version of him ...
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This is Ayato Matsumae, Ohana's father and Satsuki's late husband. Not much about his background is given, so this may either be a detriment to some, ...
It's not easy to be a girl with the name Matsumae Ohana. Her days living with the best mother like Satsuki as showing on the first episode just a beginning ...
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Ayato Matsumae
Ohana Matsumae
Whoo~ ...
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Matsumae Satsuki and baby Ohana @ Hanasaku Iroha
Takako Kawajiri
This 16 year old girl has been kicked out from her own home By her own mother because she had to run away to escape debt. Prior to all this, ...
Kissui inn receives a call from Ohana's gang and informs them that they'll be arriving soon with a very important guest, Satsuki Matsumae.
Sixteen Years of Age, Spring, Still Buds
Maybe I felt like including this shot because garbage mornings aren't hectic: I tend to take out the trash the night before the city's sanitary services ...
This is the end of my entries for this challenge. I really enjoyed doing this especially when it involved one my favorite anime character and the anime ...
Not all people are like that and it's obvious Igarashi was selfish in regards to that. Well anyway I loved seeing Satsuki when she was young in the ...
Hanasaku Iroha - Ohana Matsumae (松前 緒花)
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Satsuki Matsumae. Voiced by: Takako Honda Ohana's 38-year-old mother. Sui cut all ties with her. Ever since her husband died 15 years ago, ...
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My Beloved Kissuiso
Matsumae Ohana ...
... it's something like a mirage to behold ...
Kayoko Oshimizu
Sui on the other hand was so handsome being young and in the present Satsuki's face was very nice here, especially the lips.
Matsumae Ohana
Some time have passed and the old lady seemed to have fallen asleep, mumbling something about how she wanted Satsuki to take over the inn for her.
Matsumae Ayato
anime, anime girl, and kawaii image
Honestly ...
Gengoro UEKI
Yuina Wakura
Ohana drunk with a bottle of soda then berating her mother Satsuki hanasaku iroha series anime