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About Justin. Dr Justin Coulson ...
We're All Just Making It Up As We Go Along (Even This '
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Justin Coulson (pictured) is a leading Australian parenting expert and father of six daughters
Dr Justin Coulson 21 Days To A Happier Family
Dr Justin Coulson
Let us just begin by saying this: Dr Justin Coulson, PhD, has six daughters. That's right, six. He also grew up with five brothers and sisters of his own.
Ask Dr Justin
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Leading Australian parenting expert and father of six girls, Justin Coulson (not pictured)
Losing their religion: What parents can do when children stop believing. Dr Justin Coulson ...
By Dr Justin Coulson
How to Deal With Anxious and Sensitive Kids With Dr Justin Coulson
How To Stop Kids Swearing With Dr Justin Coulson
Tough Love: Teaching kids self-control and responsibility. A parenting special by Dr Justin Coulson that gives lots of great tips and ide…
Episode 719 - Should Parents Let Their Children Play Fortnite - Dr Justin Coulson Luke And Susie podcast
Smacking Children with Justin Coulson
By: Dr Justin Coulson There is a toy revolution building. Kids toys are becoming smarter. It's part of the “internet of things”, which basically means that ...
Ask Dr Justin
7 Things to Say to Boost Your Child's Self Esteem
How to Turn Your Anger Around
Dr Justin Coulson
Confidence crushers and self-belief boosters. Dr Justin Coulson ...
I want Justin to speak to:
Weekly Message | Dr Justin Coulson
21 Days to a Happier Family 21 Days to a Happier Family. Dr Justin Coulson ...
Luke and Susie - Faith, Family, Culture
Dove Self-Esteem Project: Dr. Justin Coulson00:26:21
Why the World Needs 'Reflective Rebels'
By Dr Justin Coulson
By: Dr Justin Coulson Every parent has those days. The ones where your child has refused to get ready for school, thrown food at his brother and stomped on ...
Newman Parents Information Sessions with Dr Justin Coulson
By: Dr Justin Coulson In some circles, junior sport has become a hotbed of competition and comparison. The push to “do your best” starts early.
To Develop Your Kids' Brains, Read to Them – But Not From a Screen
losing my religion
Try to find opportunities to re-connect with your teen, says Dr Coulson.
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5. Considering the innumerable electronic media avenues open to you – blogs, online newspapers, TV, radio, etc – why have you chosen to write a book?
A Three-Step Recipe to Great School Holidays With Your Kids
Ask Dr Justin — How Do I Teach My Child Not to Swear?
anxious girl
How Bedtime Routines Make Kids Happier
Australian Parents Need to Read to Their Kids More
Episode 303: International music sensation Michelle Branch is back with new music PLUS Dr Justin
Faith Shines Through in Dry Times: Christian Farmers Take a Hopeful Outlook
Enhanced Lifestyles Child Safe Training: Through Their Eyes tickets
How Do I Get My Daughter to Drop Social Media and Study for Exams
Tips for Surviving and Thriving at Schoolies
Dr Coulson said there are two main kinds of response that are ineffective in dealing with toddler tantrums. These are “turning against”, and “turning away”.
10-things-book-product Need To Know, Books To Read, Bridges
By: Dr Justin Coulson "Hi Dr Justin My son won't talk when he comes home from school. I ask him how his day was and he just says, “Fine.
Faith, Climate Justice, and Kinder Morgan: a Conversation with Dr. Andrew Weaver – Part II
Dami Im
Dr Justin Coulson highlights the important role that Dad's have in the formation of their kids
Roger Federer's Charity - Almost at 1 Million Children Goal
How Can I Teach My Kids to Be Safe Without Scaring Them?
Dr Justin Coulson's Happy Families
7 Ways To 'Unspoil' The Kids This Christmas
... RSVP: jo.dunn@cewa.edu.au
Getting Inside a Bully's Mind & Heart, Key To Stopping Bullying
Luke and Susie Faith Family Culture
Don't say: “Calm down.” Say: “You are so upset.” . Telling someone to stay calm has the opposite effect on them to the one we want.
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Why Justin Coulson has banned his kids from doing homework | Daily Mail Online
9 Ways to a Resilient Child
2012 October
7 Strategies for When Your Child Accidentally Finds Pornography
10 Things Every Parent Needs to Know. By: Dr Justin Coulson ...
Father Reading to Daughter
These parents don't use rewards or punishment to get their kids to comply
As one of the 'hot topics' discussed by parents and teachers each year,
Emma and Terrence Mullings
This shows our child we have faith in him. We believe he can figure it out. We empower him.
... Dr Justin Coulson. 2018CommunityNews/Happier-Family.jpg
Often teenagers go through 'oppositional' stages, says Dr Justin Coulson.
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Step 2 – Get In Early, Before The Tantrum Escalates
Cayla George
By: Dr Justin Coulson I watched from a distance as the desperate mum yelled at her child, “Would you just calm down? Calm down right now!
Parents: 'first heralds' of the faith
Encouragement For Remarried Couples
Andrew De Silva